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I'm better now, a year is all through. But between me and you, I don't know what to do. Out of there, the hospital, I'm free, but still traped in myself. Bigger now, and in therapy, but the scars remain, reminding me.

I am strong and also weak, I am destined to break apart. But I try, life in my eyes, smiling. The pills I take, are meant for me, they help some, but not enough. I still feel sad and cry to much. But they help me stay intact. I eat now and I keep it down, don't smoke or steal anymore.

We still are not friends, but maybe now we can try again. I miss you, what about you? Do you still think of me even though now we're through? I'm not sure if I can last but I'll try to be my best. So if you could think of me, reconsideration what we used to be.

MMaybe then we could be friends and I will be able to smile for real, with life in my eyes, and spring in my step. I will make it though this time.  I won't fail though I might fall, if I have you there to help me back up.

That is all, now I'm through, but hopefully not with you. The song is done but not finished, it's about me and I'm alive. It will go on, with out end, till its long as time itself. When it's done, and so am I,  I hope I will see you by my side.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Everything is okay. It's just rain not tears. It has been raining for a long time, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop.

I try to smile, but my eyes are dead. I have practiced in the mirror, over a million times. It makes no difference, I'm still dead inside.

The people who I love, have left me behind. I reach out, but they don't see. I scream for them, but they don't hear. It's like I don't even exist.

Do you miss me, do you care. Do you talk about me even though I'm not there? I'm rotting away, falling apart, without you there I was torn apart.

With my broken heart and shredded soul, a bottle of pills will make it alright. They cloud my mind, blur the thoughts, that make me want to rip my wrists apart.

In the mirror, standing there, I see someone I hate to see. Far to fat, scarred up too, even though bones show there still a lot to do. Refuse food and throw up, crying as it hurts to much.

Blacking out, danger zone, bloody water from cuts to deep. Waking up to bright lights, hear the doctors talk about me.  Way to thin, cut to deep, severe depression, here for a year.  
A year ago...
I'm sad so I wrote a poem / song lyrics I guess. Based on my own personal life and struggles.

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